Every Church Can Send.

With 7,000 unreached people groups, if just 10% of U.S. evangelical churches sent a missionary, every group could be engaged.

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This Devotional Is Dangerous!

Sign up for the SendOne Devotional and Resource Guide to help you and your church family pray through God’s heart for the nations. Get equipped to talk about missions together and consider, "Who from our midst could go?"

Will You Send One?

As you seek to be a faithful sender with the body of Christ, maybe God is singling out the church’s most vital volunteer to go. Maybe it’s a close friend, your pastor, or a dearly-loved family member. Maybe that person is you. We believe engaging this guide intentionally with the Lord and with each other is worth the risk.

PRAY earnestly through God’s heart for the nations
ASK how you might send a missionary right from your own church
GET EQUIPPED to talk about missions intentionally and regularly